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Cutting corners in ANA titer reporting. I want your comment about my way of ANA titration and reporting. Typically I perform only 2 dilutions at 1/40 and 1/160. However, I report titers from negative at 1/40, 1/40, 1/80, 1/160, and further report estimated titers of 1/320, 1/640, 1/1280 and over 1/1280 based on signal intensity. I think I can accurately estimate the titers just from the above 2 dilutions.
Issue with increasing UV light intensity. I want to clarify when increasing the intensity of UV light, ANA-negative samples may become visible or positive. How to deal with this issue?

Nuclear periphery positive and yet center negative? Some time we observed periphery of the nucleus is stained like positive and center of the nucleus is negative.what is the reason for that ?
Double IFA protocol. What is the protocol for double IFA that can help to identify, for example, a subcellular compartment such as the nucleolus?

Cytoplasmic positive alone is ANA positive or negative? Hello, I would appreciate if you can share with me how to report cytoplasmic staining (without nuclear staining) as ANA positive or negative?

Ro/SS-A and La/SS-B negative in HEp-2 IFA. Can I get positive Ro and La with negative ANA IFA? How to explain if yes?

ANA titer reporting. We would also like recommendations on the report of ANA results. For example, when report such as 1:80 dilution AC-1 homogeneous 4+ are made, is it correct to report in crosses (e.g. +++) or only the dilution and the pattern?
Fine Art with AC-29. Is it critical that all five elements of the subcellular domains associated with the AC-29 pattern be evaluated in order to correctly classify an individual serum as AC-29? In other words, can it be classified as AC-29 with staining of only some of the five elements?
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