Welcome to ANApatterns.org, the official website for the International Consensus on Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Patterns (ICAP). ICAP was initiated as a workshop aiming to thoroughly discuss and to promote consensus regarding the richness in nuances of morphological patterns observed in the indirect immunofluorescence assay on HEp-2 cells. The ICAP initiative was implemented at the 12th International Workshop on Autoantibodies and Autoimmunity (IWAA) by members of the Autoantibody Standardization Committee (ASC), a subcommittee of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) Quality Assessment and Standardization Committee and affiliated with the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). The ICAP committee is operating as an ASC sub-committee.

Citation for this work: E.K.L. Chan, J. Damoiseaux, O.G. Carballo, K. Conrad, W. de Melo Cruvinel, P.L.C. Francescantonio, M.J. Fritzler, I. Garcia-De La Torre, M. Herold, T. Mimori, M. Satoh, C.A. von Mühlen, and L.E.C. Andrade. Report of the First International Consensus on Standardized Nomenclature of Antinuclear Antibody HEp-2 Cell Patterns (ICAP) 2014-2015 (Front. Immunol. 2015, Aug 20;6:412).

Representative images, based on pixel dimension, resolution, and size, were submitted online by ICAP members. For each pattern, between 2 to >10 images were submitted. Most patterns had average 5 to 8 images. More than ten ICAP members voted for the best three images representing each pattern and the top two images for each pattern are displayed on this web site. (For an introduction of the website with some graphic images, click here.)

Announcements and Updates
Mon, 10 Jan 22

"The International Consensus on ANA Patterns (ICAP) in 2021—The 6th Workshop and Current Perspectives”


Sat, 23 Oct 21

Release new FAQ entitled "IFA changed from coarse granular to homogenous"

Sun, 10 Oct 21

ICAP guidelines to report ANA is published:

How to report the antinuclear antibodies (anti‑cell antibodies) test on HEp‑2 cells: guidelines from the ICAP initiative by von Muhlen et al. Immunologic Research https://doi.org/10.1007/s12026-021-09233-0

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